Withings is Now Nokia

About a year ago, Nokia (the cell phone guys) purchased Withings (the health gadget guys). You can read more about the changes on the Nokia Health Blog.

As of today, Nokia finalized the rebranding of all the old Withings products, websites, and apps. The Withings Body Scale is now the Nokia Body Scale, etc. If you go to the old Withings website to see your dashboard, you'll now get sent to the Nokia Health site instead. If you had the Withings app installed on your phone, you probably got an update today changing it to the Nokia Health app.

To avoid confusion, I also updated TrendWeight today to match that branding. So if you have a Withings WiFi scale, you'll now see it referred to as a Nokia scale in a few places on the TrendWeight website. Nothing else has changed on the TrendWeight side of things. This is just a name change.

At least that's the idea. If you see any problems, please email me at support@trendweight.com and I'll figure out what is wrong.

As a side note, with one exception, the new Nokia scales seem to be nearly identical to the existing Withings scales, so as far as I can tell, there is no particular reason to buy a new scale if you already have one. Certainly, your old scale will continue to work in TrendWeight as long as Nokia continues to support the old scales.

The exception is that Nokia seems to have released a new, lower priced scale: the Nokia Body. The main thing they removed in order to reduce the price was body fat measurement. This one just measures weight and calculates BMI, but you still get automatic weight uploads that should work perfectly well with TrendWeight.

So if you don't currently have a WiFi scale at all, and if that new lower price point sounds interesting, you can get one on Amazon here ($60 at the time of this post). If you purchase one using this link, TrendWeight will get a small commission that helps pay for the monthly website hosting costs.