Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I have to have a WiFi scale from Fitbit or Withings to use this site? No. You can enter your weights manually into the Fitbit or Withings mobile apps or websites. You will probably have a better experience if you have a WiFi scale that works with Fitbit or Withings, but they are not required. If you don't have one and would like to buy one, the easiest way to get one is on Amazon: Fitbit Aria 2 or Withings Body+ Scale. They are both easy to setup. They measures both weight and body fat. And they can be used by everyone in your household.
What other smart scales can I use? Are Fitbit and Withings scales the only option? If you'd like automatic entry of your weights, you can use any scale that integrates with the Withings or Fitbit apps. There are many smart scales on Amazon that are affordable, and many of them say they can send weight readings to the Fitbit app, which would make them visible in TrendWeight if you connect to your Fitbit account. I have no personal experience with any of them, so can't recommend a specific scale.
I forgot my password and don't have access to the email address I used. Can you help?

For security reasons, I can't do anything to help if you don't have access to your registered email account. First, I can't tell you what your password is because I don't know it. Passwords are not stored in the database. Only one-way hashes are stored. Second, I have no way to confirm that you are who you say you are when you contact me via email. Email is easy to spoof and so it's pretty easy to impersonate someone.

So what do you do if you can't remember your password and can't use the forgot password tool to reset your password because you can't access your email? Your only real option is to create a new account with your new email. But don't worry, you can connect your new account to your Withings or Fitbit account and all your data will be visible. The only thing you have to redo is choose your TrendWeight settings (goal weight, start date, etc).

I only see recent weight readings in TrendWeight. Where are my older readings? TrendWeight only downloads the weight readings from your connected Fitbit or Withings account that are on or after the Start Date listed on your settings page. You can adjust your start date to make more (or fewer) days of your weight data appear in TrendWeight. Choose an earlier start date and more data will be included, assuming there is more data available in your Withings / Fitbit account.
How do I switch from Withings to Fitbit (or vice versa) You need to disconnect from which ever you are current connected to and then you'll be able to connect to the other. First, go to your settings page. At the bottom of the settings page, you'll see an option to disconnect your current connection. Click it. Next, go back to your dashboard and you'll be asked who you want to connect to.
I switched from Withings to Fitbit (or vice versa). Where is all my historical data? TrendWeight can only connect to one app / scale at a time. For example, if you switch from Fitbit to Withings, TrendWeight only sees the weight data that is in Withings. To get your historical data in TrendWeight, you will need to load your old weight readings your Withings account. How to do that depends on which you are switching from and which you are switching to.

Withings -> Fitbit: This direction is pretty easy. Go here to find a way to connect your Withings account to your Fitbit account. When you do this, all your historical data will be loaded into your Fitbit account (and will then show up in TrendWeight).

Fitbit -> Withings: This direction is a bit more effort and requires you to export your data from Fitbit, manipulate the exported data in Excel, and then import it into Withings. Fitbit doesn't provide an easy way to export data as CSV (their export only lets you get 31 days at a time). So the easiest method is to use the TrendWeight data export feature before you disconnect TrendWeight from your Fitbit account (reconnect to your Fitbit account if you need to). Once you have the CSV file from TrendWeight with all your Fitbit data, you can import it into Withings. Instructions on how to import data into Withings can be found here.

Is there a mobile app for TrendWeight? No, but TrendWeight is a responsive web application and will show a phone-optimized view of your dashboard if you visit it on your phone.
What mathmatical analysis is being used to calculate my weight trend and the related statistics? In a nutshell, the techniques used on TrendWeight come from John Walker's The Hacker's Diet. Stay tuned, because I will soon post a detailed walkthrough of how TrendWeight applies those techniques on the dashboard.
What happens if I weigh myself multiple times in one day? TrendWeight will only use one weigh-in per day: the first one. If you consitently weigh yourself in the morning after you wake up (which is recommended), that is the weight that TrendWeight will use no matter if you also weigh yourself in the afternoon, that weight will be ignored.
Is there some way I can help support TrendWeight? TrendWeight is an app that I created in my free time out of a passion for tech gadgets and web development (and because I wanted this functionality for myself). TrendWeight is free, but if you'd like to know how to help with the costs of keeping the site up and running, you can read more here.

I have a question you didn't answer or a suggestion for a new feature...

No problem.  For questions not answered here or for suggestions, please email