New Feature: Goal Bands

As you probably know, the Hacker's Diet suggests that your "success" should not be to reach a specific weight at a single point in time, but to maintain your weight near your goal over the course of many days or weeks. There will still be minor fluctuations day to day and so your mission should be to stay within a 5 pound range centered on your goal weight (that is, 2.5 lbs above or below your goal weight).

See the Perfect Weight Forever chapter to refresh your memory.

This weekend, I updated TrendWeight to implement this idea. Now, if you have a goal weight set for yourself, as you get close to your goal, you will see a green "goal band" on your graph that represents your +/- 2.5 lbs band that you are aiming for. Your mission is to get your weight trend line inside that green band (and keep it there). As the hacker's diet suggests, you'll want to start cutting calories again (or adding calories if you overshoot and lose too much weight) if your trend line ever gets too far outside that band.

If you are using TrendWeight and have already achieved your goal, make sure you still set a goal weight and you'll see your green goal band appear so that you can more easily see how you well you are maintaining your weight loss.

Here is an example of what the new goal "band" looks like:

As always, email me at if you have any problems with this (or existing) functionality.