Introducing TrendWeight

So, I am a fan of both the Withings WiFi Scale and of the Hacker's Diet. The scale because I am a gadget nerd, and the Hacker's diet because its approach to understanding weight loss systematically is appealing to my inner geek. I, myself, and a software developer who sits on his ass most of the work day. I found the "weigh yourself daily, but only pay attention to the moving average" a powerful new way to think about my weight loss (read the Signal and Noise chapter of the Hacker's Diet if you're not sure what I'm talking about).

When I get involved in something new, that often leads to an idea for a software development project. My weight loss initiative has been no different. As I started my weight loss journey, I really wanted to track my weight using the Hacker's Diet techniques (daily weigh-ins and a moving average to deal with the day to day changes from water gain/loss).

I tried both the Hacker's Diet Online and a couple iPhone apps. They all worked fine, but I happened to already have a Withings WiFi Scale and it nagged at me that I had to enter my weight into these apps manually each day. I looked for an existing application or web site that could take readings from my Withings Scale and apply the Hacker's Diet analysis techniques to them, but I didn't find anything that I really liked... so I made one myself. is my solution to this problem.

It's not terribly complex and isn't a replacement for something like Lose It. All it does it take your readings from Withings and plot them in a Hacker's Diet style chart, and it also calculates some stats on your apparent cal/day burn rate, etc.

You get charts that look like this:

And you get a dashboard that you can share with those friends and family that are supporting you (or you can keep it to yourself if you prefer). Here is as an example:

So, if you are a Withings WiFi Scale owner and you also like to track your weight in the style of the Hacker's Diet, feel free to give a try. It's free. It's made by me and not some corporation that wants to sell your data. On the other hand, it's made by me and not some corporation that has a team of support staff :) I have a day job and this is mostly a free-time project for me (that I, myself, depend upon, so it does get a fair amount of my attention). So, if you run into any issues, please drop me a note at and bear with me as I track them down and fix them in the evenings after work.